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Our Ministries

Gen 1

GEN1 Ministry is a place for young people. Here we offer a safe space for authentic relationships, sharing relevant topics, learning from useful workshops and lots of fun. The ministry caters to 2 age groups – secondary (age 13-18) and tertiary (19-25).


Our Vision is to disciple a young generation to love God, love people and thereby impacting others in all spheres of life.

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The ministry is made up of a team of faithful worshippers who lead Canaan to corporately glorify God in the weekly worship service with songs that behold Christ and establish the believers’ faith.


Each week, the ministry aims at building a strong spiritual atmosphere where vibrant praise and intimate worship are offered to God and the transforming Presence of God is experienced.


Ushering  Ministry

Meet our friendly and warm ushers when you come to the church services. They will help you find your way around. Be sure ask them if you need assistance!

Ushering Ministry
Children Ministry.png

Sonshine Kids Church

Wondering what your kids will do while you attend the adult worship service? Well, we have just the thing for your children! At Canaan Sonshine Kids Church, children (aged 4 to 12 years) gather together for an exciting time of  games, action songs of praise, Bible lessons, activities, birthday celebrations and much more. Here, we encourage our children to freely express themselves in worship to God. It is a service specially cut out for children alone!

The  children also move to different classes categorized by age: the Achievers (4 to 7 years), the Conquerors (8 to 10 years) and the Overcomers (11 to 12 years). This is the place where our Sunday School teachers make Bible lessons come alive: through drama, craft and interaction! It is a place where children have the opportunity to share about their week with friends and teachers, talk of the reality of God’s presence in their lives and witness answers to prayer!

Children's Ministry
Filipino Ministry

Filipino Ministry

Welcome to CANAAN FILIPINO MINISTRYKababayan Reaching Out Kababayan in Singapore.


This is where we meet together for worship celebration, for outreach-bonding fellowship and for small groups gathering.Away from home and loved ones, we find this church as our 'promised land'.


Come and experience the 'branded warm hospitality' of Filipinos and the thrill of blending with local brethren as well as from different nationalities.


Mabuhay ka Kabayan!

Purihin natin ng sama sama ang Pangalan ng Panginoon!


For more information, you may contact (65) 88581303 or email

Pastor Larry P. Arienzano

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Jubilee Fellowship

As the average age of the Singapore population increases with time, there is a greater need for the local communities to address the issues associated with ageing. Statistically, by 2030, there will be about 1 in 4 persons who is 65 years old and older. Looking ahead, just as there is a need for the Church to provide spiritual food to its members, there is also the increasing need to include the physical, cognitive, and Socio-Psychological health of its members. 

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The idea of the Canaan Jubilee Fellowship was conceived to approach the silver tsunami holistically, with the following goals:


  1. Build Self-awareness of aging and how to age well

    • Help younger member prepare and plan for their latter years

    • Encourage older members to make the most post-jubilee years

    • Journey with the golden years members to work towards finishing well.

  2. Build Impactful events / activities – championed and run by the CJF Fellows themselves which in turn can attract others in the community to join.

  3. Build Self-sustainable as a fellowship

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Overseas Missions

We believe that God has called every believer to be mission-minded whether in Singapore or around the world. We can join God where He is working through our prayers, our giving and our lives!

Image by Sigmund
Overseas Mission
Community Outreach Ministry.jpeg

Community Engagement

Connecting with people is the heart of this ministry. We long to see lives changed by the truth and power of the Gospel through our different engagements with the people living in our community

Community Outreach
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