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We would love you to be part of our Canaan Church Family!

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We are committed to being disciples of Christ who will make disciples who KNOW and FOLLOW Christ, to GROW through Him and GO and serve in the mission of Christ


That we may know Jesus personally (John 17:3)


The most important thing in life is to know Jesus Christ whom God has sent to give us eternal life. You can do this through various ways at Canaan.


  • Be sure to attend an “Alpha Course” to discover who Jesus is

  • Go for a one-one “Christianity Explored” Bible Study

  • Come for our weekly Sunday Service


That we may follow Jesus together as He calls (Mark 1:17-18)


We are called to follow Christ and to do so together in community. None should walk alone. We are stronger together as we spur and encourage each other to follow Christ. At Canaan, the cell group is the place where we follow Christ together.


The cell groups meet weekly at various times and in different locations around Singapore. New Christians, Christians looking for a church and if you are simply seeking God, we welcome you to visit and be part of a cell group!


That we may grow and be transformed by Jesus (Eph 4:15-16)


God desires and desires us to grow spiritually into Christ who is the Head of the Church. We grow by our increased understanding of God’s Word and our obedience in application of His Word. Sign up for these growth platforms and fulfil your role as a growing contributor to the building up of the Body of Christ.


  • Membership Class

  • One-One Foundational Discipleship

  • Bible Classes

  • Marketplace Discipleship Groups

  • Cell Groups


That we may go and serve in the mission of Jesus (Matt 28:18-20)


Spiritual maturity is not the end in itself, ministry is. We are all commanded by Christ to go and serve in His mission. Therefore, Canaan will equip and train her members so that every disciple of Christ will be fully released to go and serve God in many platforms for the glory of God.


  • Street Evangelism

  • Church Ministries

  • Cell Group and Ministry Leadership

  • Church Internship Program

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